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    The New York Times CompanyMARK LANDLER5/8/187 min
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    The New York Times Company
    5 reads
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    • Riptide3604 years ago

      If Iran came hat in hand begging to Trump they'd get their deal, but Trump's win at all costs mentality and need to ridicule and mock Obama makes Trump look like a very small man. If he didn't do "the deal" then it isn't honored. So tribal and a throwback in time.

      We created the theocracy in Iran when we supported the Shah's brutual Savak secret service.

      If we really want to win in Iran we need to go back to the 80's cold ware mentality of MTV, McDonalds and Coca-Cola. It worked for the Eastern Bloc countries.

      It almost worked in China, but we gave into making them WTO partners - something that should be reserved for functioning democracies, not totalitarian governments.

    • samar4 years ago

      “so misguided.” Wonder if this opens up the world leadership stage to European nations as well. China's already moving/ed in, I'd think

      • bill
        Top reader of all time
        4 years ago

        Samar, welcome to reallyread.it!

        What do you mean China's already moving/moved in? I've read elsewhere that all other nations (including China, and Iran!) are going to work to keep the deal in place. I'm sure that everyone's still reeling from the news. Although it would be interesting if the deal can survive until the next US president. At that time, the US might be in a very good position to do what Trump should have (and probably could have!) done - further strengthen the deal.

        I keep thinking that Trump might actually make some use of his global status as an incoherent, idiot clown with no principles. For example, with respect to North Korea, we might end up with a situation that's net positive for the world - so long as China and South Korea are the ones actually making the calls.

    • bill
      Top reader of all time
      4 years ago

      Very disappointing news indeed. Undoubtedly this further diminishes America's global leadership position, although it has always been our military might versus our diplomatic prowess that puts us on top.

      Even with a limited understanding of the nuts and bolts, I find it alarming that we're aligning with Saudi Arabia and Israel rather than Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany. And having nothing to do with the nuclear/weapons issue, isn't it obvious that sanctions on Iran will further destabilize the region? That, to me, seems like common sense - although I'd be eager to hear some other perspectives.

      P.S. I found this to be quite helpful: https://reallyread.it/articles/vox/the-iran-deal-explained-in-9-graphics