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    The New York Times CompanyANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS11/27/207 min
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    The New York Times Company
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    • bartadamley
      7 months ago

      It’s like the only thing we have educated high schoolers for: standardized testing & college prep... is fundamentally failing.

      Makes one wonder about all the others.. you know the kids who didn’t apply to college this time around.

      I think the goal from a K-12 education should be to spread the love of learning. And preparing kids how to effectively use the latest technologies for exploration, in terms of the things that interest them.

    • Billsfriendjake1 year ago

      the entire college admissions process is decentralized ... someone should make a “handshake for college admissions” to connect guidance counselors to resources, help students manage tests, connect w consultants and manage applications.

      also — sad to see how covid exacerbates gaps for folks from disadvantaged backgrounds at every step.