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    The New York Times Company | NICHOLAS KRISTOF | 3/20/20 | 14 min
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    The New York Times Company
    3 reads
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    • jbuchana
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 week ago

      “If anything, we’re still underreacting,” said Dr. Chaz Langelier

      The government here in Kokomo, IN is starting to take this at least a little bit seriously, but the citizens are ignoring them.

      It guarantees sick leave to only about one-fifth of private-sector workers.

      I’m not covered by this plan. If I miss more than, I think at the moment, about 16 hours, I don’t get paid. My job is only about 25% of my income (because I get paid so little!) so I’ll scrape by, but what about my co-workers?

      One of the suggested meds for the coronavirus is Chloroquine. I thought I remembered reading about it a year or so ago, it turns out that it has some very serious side-effects, which send people to the psych hospital at times, and if the Dr. isn’t familiar with the drug, some of the most obvious psych meds can, in combination with the Chloroquine, cause brain stem damage. I’m staying far from that med if I can.

      Something scary around here that they mentioned in the article is gun and ammo sales. I’ve heard that there have been runs on guns and ammo around here that resemble toilet-paper buying. I’m not sure what people are planning for.