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    The New York Times CompanyKEVIN ROOSE3/4/1810 min
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    The New York Times Company
    8 reads
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    • Ana2 years ago

      The “left-wing echo chamber that stifles opposing views” quote really got me. Among other reasons, I came here (to the silicon valley) because I wanted to express myself and have conversations but I’m now regulating my speach more than ever.

    • erica3 years ago

      It's great that venture capitalists from the Silicon Valley are going on trips to the Midwest and raising funds to invest in noncoastal startups. Very open minded.

      Interesting bit about how the social network causes group think and results in everyone saying the same things.

      @Bill, this makes me second guess our decision to move to the Bay Area in June: "a million-dollar salary can feel middle class."

    • Riptide3603 years ago

      Bill - You need to add a reallread.it forum thread on the site so folks can talk about features. Features like a speed reading test where we pay $1 to take a speed reading quiz and winners get their really read it speed read time adjusted!

      As for Silicon Valley is Over - ugh!

      “you’re basically paying landlords, Twilio, and Amazon Web Services,” - this is true no matter where tech goes. Unless cities are offering free rent for startups.

      The real expense is TALENT. Salaries in Silicon Valley are crazy high, but they have to be since it is so expensive. Most schools in the area are seeing DECLINING enrollment. It isn't a lack of residents, its a lack of kids. Nobody in Tech can afford to have them.

      NY Times was off in this article. No real VC would be put on a party bus and be trapped to sit thru city presentations. In reality startups still need to come to Silicon Valley, pitch their idea, find engineers, and then if they want to move back to their hometown they should.

      The reason why SF's population is going DOWN and San Jose's population is going UP is thats where the housing is. Anyone who can afford a SF Victorian has given up on trying to rent out rooms or AirBnB a multimillion dollar mortgage. Rich folks are just buying them, kicking out the renters and decreasing the SF population as a result. The number of folks buying homes in SF with CASH is crazy.

    • rnakashima3 years ago

      Your email got me to sign in from a second browser so I like it! Talk to you remotely during AP office hours next week :) Cheers, Ryan

      • bill
        Top reader of all time
        3 years ago

        Rock & roll!!

    • bill
      Top reader of all time
      3 years ago

      I don't get this: “If it weren’t for my kids, I’d totally move.” Because isn't it usually better for kids to grow up outside of cities?

      I lol'd at "frankly, you also see opportunities in other places." ... Go figure!

      That bus trip sounds insane.

      Last line is excellent.