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    The New York Times CompanyBret Stephens12/1/214 min
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    The New York Times Company
    3 reads
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    • Florian10 months ago

      Meanwhile, in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and other red states, cases have plummeted after earlier surges swept through, leaving many with immunity

      I wish immunity would get discussed more often.

    • SEnkey10 months ago

      Being kind and trying to understand is always good advice:

      The list goes on. There were those on the right who predicted an end to the pandemic based on expected herd-immunity thresholds. There were those on the left who foresaw an end based on vaccination rates. Nature — on the one hand viral and the other hand human — embarrassed them both. If the Omicron variant is anything like the Delta one in its transmissibility, it will embarrass them again.

      So here are some modest pleas coming out of this Thanksgiving season.

      Let’s put away our crystal balls and shake up our snow globes instead. We have about as much foresight in this crisis as a snowman in a blizzard.

      I am guilty of being convinced of many of these now-proved-false ideas (population density/vaccine will kill it/red state dummies). So I'm ready to hear advice like this.