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    The New York Times CompanyTony Gervino7/15/114 min
    12 reads5 comments
    The New York Times Company
    12 reads
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      8 months ago

      Aww. What a treat!

    • Pegeen
      8 months ago

      I love the innocence of this, something that I happen to miss in today’s world. Yes, that’s corny but it’s my innocence speaking.

    • TripleG
      Reading streak
      8 months ago

      Great story about two brothers, a handful and a stool pigeon.

      1. Update (1/4/2021):

        When I was a kid, my brother hit another car and took off. When the cops called a few days later, my dad was mad as hell at me for not squealing on my brother. They couldn’t believe that I kept my mouth shut about the incident. There was still honor among thieves back in the fifties

    • vunderkind
      8 months ago

      Love how this was written.

      • temi8 months ago

        it is very fun. just what i needed