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    The New York Times CompanyMIKE ISAAC8/12/197 min
    4 reads3 comments
    The New York Times Company
    4 reads
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    • chronotope2 years ago

      Fascinating, it seems there are clear technical reasons for creating more interoperability between Facebook apps, but also, the idea of making Facebook harder to break up has to be in the priorities somewhere.

      • bill
        Top reader of all time
        2 years ago

        Great find. It’s going to be hard on employee morale to go from working on Instagram/WhatsApp to working on FB.

        • jeff
          2 years ago

          On the Acquired podcast the Instagram acquisition has been the perpetual gold standard by which all other acquisitions are judged, in large part because of Facebook's hands-off approach. This new move seems like a disaster. Upending a proven organizational strategy and polluting Instagram and WhatsApp with their toxic brand. I wonder what it costs to have Prophet Brand Strategy turn Facebook into a "branded house."