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    The New York Times Company | Jamie Lauren Keiles | 4/4/19 | 25 min
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    The New York Times Company
    8 reads
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    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScribe
      5 months ago

      WOW, I learn something new almost daily on ReadUp! This is by far one of the weirdest and, for me, creepiest yet.

      1. Update (8/20/2020):

        I went on YouTube and listened to a few of the A.S.M.R videos and that has upped my reaction to a complete freak out! Anything but relaxing - yikes! To each their own but this is not for me.

    • jeff
      5 months ago

      Damn, this was a great article. I was curious about the history of ASMR but the way the author explored the connections to human psychology and culture was way more interesting than I was expecting. The distinction between first and second-order pleasures was something I had never really considered before.

      ASMR doesn't really do much for me. Some of the sounds are pleasant enough but as a misophoniac I cannot believe that anyone would every willingly seek out the sounds of someone chewing. Totally horrifying, but to each their own!

    • nomvulave5 months ago

      A.S.M.R. combines the one-way sociality of podcasts with the outcome-driven imperative of porn. In an age defined by loneliness and dislocation, it’s a lot to ask someone to turn that away.