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    The New York Times Company | Ruth Whippman | 10/10/19 | 7 min
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    The New York Times Company
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    • Jessica7 months ago

      I always found my “softer” qualities to serve me better in pretty much all aspects of my life, be it professional or personal relationships.

      Being more of a listener and speaking when it seems essential, rather than trying to adopt more assertiveness, is simply who I am at my core. There is a difference between growing into an improved version of yourself and growing into someone you are not.

    • bill
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      7 months ago

      I’ve read 7,000 versions of this op-ed in the last decade, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. (Part of me wants to nitpick the few things I disagree with, but that wouldn’t be productive. And it would prove the point of the article.)

      I mostly agree with the author. So many things aren’t working right now (corporate America, politics, the internet) and it seems like these are men problems (overly aggressive, not listening, winning versus nurturing.)

      We need more feminine energies in more public institutions/systems/places. And we need more masculine energy in private places (home, family, etc.) But also, we can’t force people, men or women, to do stuff they don’t want to do. That always backfires.

      • Jessica7 months ago

        That self-awareness in the first section of your comment = Big thumbs up.