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    The New York Times CompanyTAFFY BRODESSER-AKNER6/5/1918 min
    14 reads13 comments
    The New York Times Company
    14 reads
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    • aussak2 years ago


    • jbuchana2 years ago

      In general, I've found that when I watch a show that I felt connected with years ago, the reality of watching it again is disappointing. I never watched 30 Something. When it came out I was 25 and freshly married. That marriage didn't work out, and ended in divorce. I liked this article enough that I might read the book as well.

    • joanne2 years ago

      I loved 30 something too. Tuesday nights were our “ date” nights and my 16 year old babysitter turned me on to it. She recorded it for us. I remember liking Hope and was surprised to read her described as conservative and judgmental. Maybe both being 30 something moms was the connection. I never remember crying either .... would love to watch one show for a look back in time and fashion.

    • Abarlet2 years ago

      I enjoyed this article. I was not a fan of Thirtysomething. Maybe we all have a show that we romanticize about. What would our life be like in that show. Hey, I just watched It’s A Wonderful Life for the 10th time. I would love for the author to expand on what it is like to be thrust into the ultra Orthodox community. That sounds like an interesting story.

    • casst0wn2 years ago

      The book was good and emotion/thought provoking and this article is too!

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScribe
        2 years ago

        Whoa! Excellent find. Anyone with a family should read this.

        • jlcipriani2 years ago

          I was also a devoted Thirtysomething watcher and child of divorce looking to the show to demonstrate how life is done correctly. I was in my early twenties during Thirtysomething’s heyday and was deeply relieved to receive assurance that marriage and career success and a tastefully eclectic apartment were likely long term outcomes - but not required for one’s twenties- so the show was an aspiration, not a rebuke.

          I remember loving it so much back then- this article really made me want to rewatch too. I want to see a) if it holds up and b) if what I remember loving because I was hoping to become a sophisticated adult was actually something I loved primarily due to that deep craving for a beautiful family life which has informed many of my viewing habits and life choices.

          • gena2 years ago

            I remember watching the show as well. It was one of my favorites There really was not one character that all that likable but I did love it.

          • bill
            Top reader of all timeScribe
            2 years ago

            Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I was clearly too young to experience Thirtysomething. I’m not even sure if I’ve heard of it until this article. (FYI: My mom, from the other room, just shouted: I LOVED that show!! I watched it when I was thirty-something!)

            I remember, as a kid, watching lots of Friends, so while reading this article I had images of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, etc, who were all, in the show, the age I am now, or even younger. I love this idea of looking again at things that we once looked at long ago “to demonstrate how life is done correctly.” Especially after having not done life “correctly,” lol. It can be sad, but also cathartic. Life is... life.

    • epistrophe2 years ago

      Strong personal essay that speaks to sadness, unresolved, and to little moments which make up life.

    • [user]2 years ago

      This comment was deleted on 12/19/2019

    • Alexa2 years ago

      Taffy is great and this is too. I love what a ride this piece takes you in through her emotions and experience.

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScribe
      2 years ago

      This is dynamite. I’m a big fan of the author, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, who also wrote this one about Marianne Williamson, who, by the way, is still running for president