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    • paulgraham.comPaul Graham17 min
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      theErudite2 months ago

      I have had this article in my bookmarks for quite some time and I guess it is fitting I read it today and at this point in my, with me feeling like I am on the cusp of everything, doing few things and procrastinating everything else.

      I like that this is not just another post with hackneyed advice to bust your ass till gold pops or whatever. Practical advice to truly help you work harder.

    • The AtlanticShannon Stirone7/7/214 min
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      The Atlantic
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      theErudite3 months ago

      I do not get it. Why does the author seemed so pissed at billionaires? In truth, I have never really considered the point of being ridiculously rich, but to treat them like supervillains instead of actual people feels problematic. If you could experience space for a few minutes, wouldn't you take the opportunity?

    • The New YorkerNamwali Serpell1/24/2116 min
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      The New Yorker
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      theErudite3 months ago

      I saw this movie a few weeks back. In truth, most of the points the author raised did not exactly leap at me (no surprise there; I am not a part of the American or the African-American culture). However, I do think the author raises some very important points. Overall, I do think storytelling in Hollywood (particularly black stories) is on the path to getting better and critiques like this are important to further that cause. PS: "Soul" is definitely a masterwork!