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    • iamfrankscouted3 years ago
      MediumDorothy Qu2/20/187 min

      The great thing about this strategy is that you can apply it to multiple different fields outside of art. For example, documenting the development of an application is one of the most important aspects to the developer and to the client, who feels comfort knowing that the developer tried multiple different approaches to a problem.

    • iamfrankscouted3 years ago

      Agreed: Facebook is an awful news source. What will be very interesting is when AI algorithms take over various pages and exercise entire control over their posts. This notion of maximizing likes will be taken to an entirely new frontier; whichever articles (whether fake or not) generate the most clicks will just create a feedback loop that feeds the audience more and more fake, shocking, and sensationalist journalism.

    • iamfrankscouted3 years ago

      Coming from a place of observing what the current government is doing, it's my opinion that the government is spending too much time over needless "issues" like this. The fact that 61% of Americans (Pew) support the legalization of marijuana is almost enough in itself to end the "debate" and just legalize it already. It really sucks to see people put in jail/taken to court over minimal marijuana infractions around the country.