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    • gringercommented2 years ago
      MediumTomas Pueyo3/10/2026 min

      What I get from this: population density matters, from a personal level (i.e. cells), from a family / work level (i.e. social distancing), and from a population level.

      1. Wash your hands. When possible, cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze. When practical, clean contacted surfaces with 70% alcohol or soap & water.

      2. Where possible, keep away from "say it and spray it" distance (i.e. >1.5m). Limit close contact time with other people as much as possible. Avoid any meetings where you're forced into close quarters for half an hour or longer.

      3. Where possible, stay away from work, or places where more than a few people hang around together. Consider going outside into an open area where you can give yourself and others plenty of room. Take a vacation to a small town.

    • gringercommented2 years ago

      The political implications of this are concerning to me. If large swathes of the population are taking drugs that make them less receptive to reason, and more attuned to violent behaviour, it would be difficult to convince them that peaceful approaches are better for everyone.

      Aside: this article also reminds me of the drug soma used in Brave New World.