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    • epistrophe1 year ago

      Moderation isn't something I ascribe to, and when attempted quickly turns into a math equation to ensure moderation is established within tolerance levels. /rolls eyes I've enjoyed, used, abused, leaned on, floated thru, and given up marijuana in a bouncing rhythm for almost a decade...long enough to get crotchety/GOML about how concentrated the THC is in bud these days and get a special thrill when I run across a White Buffalo bud, fresh and sweet. Pouring more of myself into the good things - this works. I can get out with friends, make sure all of my chores are done, that I'm investing in myself and learning, and I’m focused and work likes me more...but I don’t. Marijuana represents and enforces freedom from connection or obligation, a transformation into a mote of light, floating thru desires, and letting me see what is really important to me. It forces me to really think thru what I want, and if I’m convinced, it is effortless to accomplish regardless of my levels of sobriety. Painting happens when called, reading when I feel like it, letters to friends, heartfelt messages, phone conversations, experimental cooking (which has resulted in a number of favorite recipes) and walks outside. I am not a worse person when I’m high. I am also not who anyone else wants me to be.

    • epistrophe1 year ago

      Many folks joined Google because of the 20-year reputation of being about the employees, the products, the users, and joining in the last 5 years must be quite the dramatic let down. Google's mission to organize the worlds information and make it accessible to everyone, well that isn't there either. Don't be evil - tricky. The amount of complexity that's come from triple-digit thousands of employees, doubled over with temps puts "Don't be evil" at the bottom of an endless list of "what the heck is going on, and what do I do here anyway". So where else do folks go? The price of quality culture is high.

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      epistrophe1 year ago

      Strong personal essay that speaks to sadness, unresolved, and to little moments which make up life.