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    • danielw4 weeks ago

      If it doesn’t answer a specific question you’re currently asking, cover philosophical knowledge, or entertain you, then don’t read it.

      I really like this article and I think there are a number of very insightful points here. But after thinking about it for a while I have come to the conclusion that there is a missing piece.

      There is knowledge with regards to your industry that is necessary to keep up to date with and that requires reading things that do not necessarily fit the guidelines above.

      Let's take for example some news that came out a day or two ago. The FAA announced yesterday that it is requiring drones to be broadcasting a remote ID. This is an article that popped up in one of my feeds yesterday. Now, assume I am a manufacturer of drones or have a store that sells drones or sell ID broadcasting technology or am building a delivery service that uses drones. Staying on top of this type of information would be important to me. But it doesn't answer a specific question I am currently asking because it's not something I was even aware was happening until I saw it pop up into my feed. It's not something I enjoy or philosophy either. But it's knowledge that I should know and be on top of that's happening in my industry.

      So where does keeping on top of intelligence in your field of work fit?

      I still think this article is incredibly insightful and I will continue thinking about how I consume information and how to be more productive about it. But I think there is a missing piece here that won't allow me to just shut off all newsletters and Twitter feeds.

    • danielw4 weeks ago

      Excellent. Well worth the read.

    • blog.readup.com | Bill Loundy | 11/30/20 | 8 min
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      danielw1 month ago

      I'm still a little confused by this. What is the model for money flow from reader to writer. 50% of what? Of the monthly subscription fee? Is it divided between all the articles that were read that month? Are you paying writers per read?

      Also, I still am missing why this would help publishers at all. Maybe someone can explain.

    • blog.readup.com | Bill Loundy | 11/9/20 | 7 min
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      danielw2 months ago
    • Medium | Jack Luna | 9/9/20 | 10 min
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      danielw4 months ago

      What a pile of drivel. I know many Trump supporters and there are many reasons that people support him. Some don’t like how progressive the Democratic Party has become. Others like his policies believe it or not. This article makes many assumptions and oversimplifies a lot. It’s not just about white pride.

    • fs.blog | 10/23/17 | 26 min
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      danielw5 months ago

      I recently stumbled upon this excellent book. If you are looking for a method to remember what you read, this is a good place to investigate. https://takesmartnotes.com/

    • Vox | Aja Romano | 12/30/19 | 16 min
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      danielw6 months ago

      The author seems to miss the point. Cancel culture ruins the lives of people who don’t have the power and connections to make it through. It chills free speech. It sentences people without judge or jury.

    • The Verge | Casey Newton | 6/15/20 | 8 min
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      The Verge
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      danielw7 months ago