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    • Riccommented3 years ago
      The New YorkerNaomi Fry6/3/197 min
      The New Yorker

      Never has there been someone so Christ-like in the oversaturated lense of celebrity worship. I think the humanity and simplicity of our bud Keanu really just calls attention to how much of self important, ego-maniacs 99% of celebrities that we track actually are.

      Maybe Keanu simply “doesn’t suck”?

      I personally think every moment has a prophet and maybe Keanu is our teacher in this particular spell of intellectual degradation. It would make sense to have an enlightened airhead be our savior given the current climate of things.

      I can’t help but find him to be a strikingly beautiful and elevated human. For whatever reason, Thinking about Keanu’s purity soothes my mind.