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    • PRHughescommented5 years ago

      I agree with many of the points about the journalistic integrity. Definitely glossed over the committing a felony by kidnapping a minor aspect.

      Erica makes a great point. The photography associated with the article reminded me of the #iftheygunnedmedown movement after Michael Brown's death. She's portrayed as a person in these photos, not an addict; white women, in general, are given an impressive amount of empathy in stories such as these. I care for a primarily black, urban underserved population on the west side of Chicago. None of my patients who die of overdoses --even those related to Opana-- have or would be treated this way.

      I'm interested in the limited treatment the article gives to more complicated topics such as the use of Narcan and the quality of available heroin. I disagree that the quality and potency of available heroin is standard, but there's no way to objectively defend that one way or the other.