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    • Michaelvdsscouted1 year ago
      The New YorkerJames Somers3/18/2122 min
      The New Yorker

      As a computer vision engineer, I like this story as it uses a usecase example to give a good explanation of what deep learning is doing to the industry, without going too much into the technicalities.

    • Michaelvdscommented1 year ago

      I think the article makes a truly good point that it is vital for a thoughtful employee to look at the why of any task assigned to them just as much as the what. And as it is only a two minute read, I think it is really worth the time.

      However I have two concerns with this article.

      1. The first being that is seems to me that success in life is more than success at work and can be tied to personal goals and objectives. For one person being successful can mean having a healthy relationship with their spouse and kids. For another it can mean to win a major sports event. And yet another success can be tied to living a virtuous life.
      2. My second concern with this article is that it implies that this would be the only thing making a person more successful in their work life. I would beg to differ: I think there are certain social skills like humbleness to detect and accept when you should listen to others and the capability to predict peoples reactions to your actions that can play an equal importance in this aspect.