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    • Kasperscouted1 year ago
      GMB FitnessRachel Honeyman8/29/1652 min
      GMB Fitness

      I love how radical these thoughts are. "athletes are some of the least physically healthy people on the planet because they’re doing things that are not natural for humans to do." This is in fact an interview that you can listen to, the transcription is there but it's not great to read.

    • Kasperscouted1 year ago

      I'm getting into this new movement philosophy. What a bummer the courses / initiations are so expensive though, I'm going to check one out next week in Ghent for €20, with a physiotherapist and 4 other participants. Stoked! "Life is non-linear. It is unchoreographed and chaotic. If you are hit in a car accident with a neck of 60-year-old, you are much more likely to sustain a serious injury than if you had the spine of a supple leopard."

    • Kasperscouted1 year ago
      Mediahuis Nederland B.V.onze correspondent4/30/211 min
      Mediahuis Nederland B.V.

      Dit sentiment zit ook een beetje in mij, het artikel is echter ongenuanceerd en haalt er irrelevante dingen bij (waarde van huizen) en ik ben benieuwd wat anderen hiervan denken of dat er misschien iemand een meer genuanceerd artikel hierover kent.

      Is het onrechtvaardig dat mensen zonder vaccinatie(certificaat)/coronapas/... enkel op vakantie mogen onder voorwaarde dat ze coronatests ondergaan, waarvoor ze zelf moeten betalen?

      In mijn ogen: als je die niet zelf moet betalen is het geen probleem. Als je die wel zelf moet betalen is het onrechtvaardig, want niet iedereen heeft gelijke toegang tot de vaccins (ouderen eerst in België)

    • Kaspercommented1 year ago
      The New York Times CompanyOlga Khazan4/6/217 min
      The New York Times Company

      "in one study, putting more effort into homework led students to become more conscientious — a reversal of the popular notion that conscientious students put more effort into their homework." This is an interesting statement, I believe the underlying principle applies to all of our actions and identity, namely that your actions shape your identity and not the other way around. Whatever you do, you will grow to be better at it, wherever you live, you will get to know the place and get roots there. Whatever you give attention and whatever you nurture will live and grow, what you do not will diminish and subside.