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    • The Point Magazine | 12/27/17 | 23 min
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      The Point Magazine
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      Ericwhitney8081 year ago

      This is the best attempt I have encountered of someone trying to articulate for what makes Karl Ove so captivating and divisive. I love My Struggle but I have also been understanding of people who haven’t. To me, I have always felt that he comes the closest to realizing the experience of existing as a human being. I appreciated how Moi delves deeper to lay out a more unified theory of what Knausgaard is doing. Given Moi’s interpretation, it’s also interesting to note that Knausgaard’s popularity has paralleled a large increase in Western interest in meditation and mindfulness practices that espouse the same importance of “being present.”

    • blog.readup.com | 5/24/19 | 8 min
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      Ericwhitney8081 year ago

      B, I’m predominantly a lurker but I’m going to try and use this as motivation to find ways to be more proactive. Also, I appreciate what you’re doing. Including your posts on your personal site. Writing is hard!

    • The New Yorker | Elif Batuman | 4/23/18 | 52 min
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      The New Yorker
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      Ericwhitney8082 years ago

      Beyond the great reporting and writing, not to mention the fascinating subject matter, what struck me was the historical research in the middle. Her vignettes on the conceptual evolution of “family” in Japan as well as the intersections of familial expectations with feminism, Marxism and capitalism, and Freud really made me pause.

      I had never fully considered the fundamental assumptions we carry about our relationships and how much they are shaped by our social and economic context. What a wild ride. I need a massage.